Thanks for the concern, friends.

"I just don’t get you a lot. Half the time you act like you don’t give a shit and the other half you barely act like you give a shit and then I’m stuck here the only person that bothers to act like they care. But then I end up being the dick when I say something about it."

Chocolate (Acoustic) | The 1975

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I just sent josh a text and I put a :) and idek why cos I’m actually really sad but anyways, I’m normally so short and sassy with him that he was all like “why’d you do that? What does that mean? Whhhhy is there a :)???”

jessie is back from ecu and oh boy how did you get cuter :3


It’s all freedom of speech and freedom of religion until someone has a different belief than you.

YOUAre so wrong and so crazy I can’t EVen DEAL